Hi, I’m just your average person who is facinated with japanese animation(trying hard to sound safisticated).I like anime, manga, and japanese figurines. I just started becoming interested in figurines resently and I hope to form a proud colection.

I like:

DVD sales, Bandai Ent. special editions, When a show gets licensed, Tres Leches.(^.^;)he-he……

I DON’T like:

When a show is never licensed, Watching anime illegally, Pirating,

(No, not that pirating silly(^0^) ….The type where people burn dvds! Shame on them(starts to shake the finger of shame))

Favorite reads:

Genshiken, Sunshine ( Hidamari) Sketch, One Piece

Favorite watches:

Genshiken, .Hack//, One piece, Code Geass, Gurren Lagann, Evangelion, Eureka Seven, Le Chevalier D’Eon, Hell Girl

Series I hope to soon purchase:

The Familiar of Zero, Magical Lyrical Girl Nanoha, Witchblade,       Mushi-shi, (the rest of) Ikki Tousen, (the rest of) Tenjho Tenge,              My-Hime,  My- Otome, Last Exile(Yes I know its out of print),

Series I want to watch:

Kannagi, Strike Witches(I missed the crunchy roll streams (TToTT)), Skip Beat!, Shugo Chara, Kemeko DX, Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu


2 Responses to “About”

  1. El Bastardo Says:

    Hey there. Just found out about your site and already saw some interesting articles.
    Will check out some more.

    I also would be interested in Link or Banner Exchange so if you have some room in your Blogroll please contact me respond to this mail.

    I started my own site not so long ago and mainly write about all my otaku
    interests that are conveniently the interests of many ^_-

    Mainly focused on my figure collection and all about my PVC loved ones but
    also strong with anime and manga I read and watch, conventions and fun
    with languages.

    Check out:


    Thanks in advance and hope to hear from you again soon!!

  2. deadbeat Says:

    Hi, I just answered your question at http://www.figure.fm/post/en/3024. Let me know via my email if you are interested

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