New Manga and Anime

A while back RightStuf had their Viz sale and I picked up a few things that I really wanted to get.

I got:
20th Century Boys……Volume 1
Claymore………………..Volume 1-5 and 9-15
Detroit Metal City……..Volume 1
Ooku………………………Volume 1

Hopefully now with my “repaired” Claymore collection a certain blogger won’t throw shame at me.^^ I already finished all the volumes, and I can say they were like drugs. I would come home every day and read to or three of them. Volume 15 was the best of all with a huge plot twist revealed, but it sucks that I have to wait till JUNE(!!!!!!) just to get the next volume. I am so close to ordering volume 16 and 17 from Kinokuniya(>.<) After Claymore I started to read Detroit Metal City a little every day. It is the most vulgar series I have ever read……. but it does make me laugh.
A few days later I also got a few things from Borders’ 40% off sale:
Big Windup Part 1
Big Windup Part 2
Black Lagoon Season 1 & 2 Set
Claymore Complete Collection
Gurren Lagann Part 1 Limited Edition
Gurren Lagann Part 2 Limited Edition
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Season 1
Guin Saga(novel) Book 1

First I watched Big Windup which is a great show to watch if you want a true shonen series. It’s best watched as a marathon since each episode almost always begins right where the last left off. I mean, come on, they spend 11 episodes on one game!
After that I started Black Lagoon which I actually am watching as I write this. The animation is great and the action scenes on the sea are just so amazing to watch as you can see all the little details that where taken into account. The only thing that bothers me is Rock’s dub actor.
I ordered the Gurren Lagann sets just out of hope they would get them since it seems that the third set had a really short production run. Claymore is currently on It’s way and should be here by Wednesday if I’m lucky. As for Lyrical Nanoha and Guin Saga, I’m going to Borders to pick them up right after this. They weren’t eligible for free shipping, so I used site to store. I’ve heard good things about both series, but they are completely different genres.

So that’s all for now.^^ Sorry for not posting in a while. Also, I was wondering if anybody would be interested in me doing anime and manga reviews. I was trying to stay closer to figure stuff, but seeing a few series I really liked changed my mind.^^


6 Responses to “New Manga and Anime”

  1. lovelyduckie Says:

    Hopefully now with my “repaired” Claymore collection a certain blogger won’t throw shame at me.^^

    LOL, I’ve crossed you off my hit list…for now…*peers at Gordan’s manga collection suspiciously* If you like Claymore you’d probably enjoy Berserk. Just because it shows you like action series with a dark tone to it, and you have a preference for fighters with big swords. Although since you like Black Lagoon obviously you don’t mind guns either (gotta love Revy and Rock).

    DMC, I read volume 1 and I’m not sure how I feel about the series. I’m worried the jokes will get old fast. And I agree definitely the most vulgar manga volume I’ve ever read.

    I’m going to try ooku sometime soon.

    • gordanham Says:

      Haha, thanks. I haven’t read Ooku yet. Don’t know if I should read that or 20th century boys first. Also, I stopped watching Black Lagoon after I picked up Nanoha( which is so empty that I love watching it just to criticize^^)

      • lovelyduckie Says:

        I REALLY love Black Lagoon, love strong kickass females and that series is filled with them. Particularly Balalaika, she is one scary awesome woman.

  2. lylibellule Says:

    I loved Claymore. When i started to get interested in mangas, few
    first episodes were released in vostfr.
    As soon as i started to watch, i couldn’t stop and i always waited
    patiently for the next episode.
    But i don’t have read the manga. Is it the same as the anime or is
    there more details ?

    Would you agree to a exchange banner ?

    • gordanham Says:

      You should really read the manga. Th art is really great and they are easy reads. They do differ from the anime though. The last three episodes(or two^^;) of the anime were changed to end the tv series. The manga is really great and for me had much more emotional impact. The only problem is that after the series switched from weekly serialization to monthly it seems that only two collective volumes come out per year^^;

      I would be extremely excited to do a banner exchange^^
      I don’t have a banner though so adding me to your blog roll is fine.
      Also if you could tell me how to post your banner if you wouldn’t mind>.<;
      I've never done it before…..

  3. lylibellule Says:

    I’ll go with the reading of Claymore on you advice. You enthusiasm makes me want to start over again.
    And we’ll be patient about the release of the next tome.

    I’ll contact you by mail for the banner 😉

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