Rider Arrives!!

So on Friday I was surprised to come home and find out that the Rider figure that I had ordered from lovelyduckie had already arrived. So start off…Thank you so much duckie! You definitely gave me a price that might as well have been theft! I’m really thankful and I will definitely be buying from you again^^

The reason I was so surprised when I got her though was because duckie told me she was shipping her out on Thursday and one day later and she was already on my doorstep! I checked the package and it was one-day air! I have no idea how duckie can give free one-day air shipping to all her orders but she sure is a saint.^^ The figure itself is very beautiful and I’m happy I got her. She also my first ever Alter figure and after this I am definitely planning to get more:)

Also in other news, I used ebay for the first time ever. and it wasn’t even for a buy it know item, but for a bidding item! It was so intense! My heart was beating out of my chest. What I bid on can be seen below and I’m pretty with the price I got it for:
Yes, that’s right. I bought doubles just for the sake of getting Miku. But if I sell Rin and Len for the price I bought them on OtakuFuel even after shipping it would mean I got this Miku for about $45.
Lastly, I’m on fall break for the next week so expect more posting(*.*)


6 Responses to “Rider Arrives!!”

  1. lovelyduckie Says:

    It’s so weird to see a picture of a figure I owned in someone else’s haul post. I’m glad I sold her to you, I’m sure you’ll appreciate her a lot. As I mentioned before I actually do think she is the most beautiful figure of Rider out there currently, I just have this weird inability to bond with figures of characters in bathing suits. It’s the WEIRDEST thing, I don’t get why myself. I mean Yoko’s regular outfit is practically a bathing suit, but I love all my figures of her a lot.

  2. The Human Spider Says:

    I’m happy to see that you finally were able to get swimsuit Rider. She’s my favorite swimsuit FATE figure. Swimsuit Ilya is my second favorite–the pose and sculpt really brings out her cuteness.

  3. lovelyduckie Says:

    She’d look great next to the Alter bathing suit Kos-Mos I bet.

    • gordanham Says:

      Are you trying to tempt me to get another figure^^ I really like that one too, but I never played through the game so the character doesn’t connect with me. After I finish P3 I’ll probably try it out^^

  4. Leonia Says:

    Rider is nice in swimsuit, but I hope always to have a great and faithfull figure about her (not expensive price >_<)

    • gordanham Says:

      Yeah, I really hope with the upcoming move we will see another new figure of her^^ I found the ebcraft one on sale, but the way the hair was pieced together told me to skip her. Would love if one day I could get the GSC Rider though^^

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