Had to post


Just saw some great figure news and had to post^^; When I saw the news I was just so excited I had to post it I’ll definitely be picking the Strong Editions of Zoro and Nami(and the others, look below!) but I am kind of disappointed with Nell and Hiyori. Being AlphaxOmega figures I was expecting really great neutral paint jobs, but for both figures they seem pretty dull and plain to me. Also does anyone else also think they made hey Hiyori too…girlie looking? I’m not a big follower or even fan of Bleach, but I was really looking forward to Hiyori since I really liked her character.

1254437848672Also they revealed the full line up of the “Strong Edition”s of the Straw Hats. MegaHouse is definitely where all my money goes.^^ Looks like the entire crew will be out by next August and the pacing of there releases will make it bearable on my wallet:) Seem there will be too versions of both Chopper and Zoro. I wonder why Zoro’s blades are white?

1254437910296Lastly, the next set of chibi Straw Hats were revealed too. I will definitely be picking this up and hopefully we’ll see the last(?) set soon. I wonder how they will attempt to do Chopper since he is already pretty “chibi.” ^^;

Tomorrow is the last day of the first quarter of school so I’ll be more active for the next week^.^


One Response to “Had to post”

  1. lovelyduckie Says:

    As soon as I saw the announcements I knew you were going to post about the new One Piece figures too! Actually I mentioned before I found Nami’s expression to be plain but she looks better at the angle you have of her in your post. If they space out their release dates far enough it might not be too much of a leap for me to get them all. You’re not the first I’ve heard of that thinks they made Hiyori too girlie looking, I agree they definitely made her more girlie. But for some reason I love it! I ended up pre-ordering Hiyori and not Nel. I was wondering what they would do about Chopper and their Chibi line too.

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