August Haul

CIMG2920So I just got my toyslogic shipment a few days back and I’m really happy with it. My haul is as fallows:
MegaHouse P.O.P Usopp/ Sogeking
MegaHouse P.O.P. Sanji
Megahouse P.O.P. Mild Monkey D. Luffy
Mgeahouse P.O.P. Mild Nami
Megahouse P.O.P. Mild Roronoa Zoro
Max Factory Figma Reika
Kotobukiya Haruhi Swimsuit Ver.

I was really skeptical about the new P.O.P. deforms, but after I saw them in person I was satisfied. They have a great paint job and they stay faithful to the characters. Their biggest problem (like Nendoroids) is that they are off balance due to their huge heads. It isn’t really a problem with Luffy and Nami, but with Zoro he constantly leans and if he is moved to fast there is a chance that he might fall over. The good thing is that all of them have neck joints so it is easy to fix this problem if you move their head a little. I haven’t opened the others yet, but next is Haruhi and then Usopp. I probably won’t open Reika for a long time though.
c082sc083Also did anyone else see the new P.O.P.’s that they had at Chara Hobby. They’re based of the new ONE PIECE FILM STRONG WORLD designs. I’ll be picking up Luffy for sure, but event though I’m a huge Chopper fan, this is the fourth P.O.P. of him so he’s lower on my get list. The thing that scares me with Luffy is that with the cape he looks like Shanks, and you can’t see his left arm. I hope this is just because of his position and not the that he actually loses his arm O.O  The Brilliant Stage Taiga was the same way, though obviously with her she wasn’t missing and arm.

Also did anybody watch the One Piece simulcast yet? It was pretty good. Sometimes it would freeze all of a sudden, but a simple refresh of the page and everything is fixed. As for the episode itself was awesome. There was some pretty great animation that I was like “Wow. I wish I watched One Piece more then I read it.” Also for those who have never watched One Piece, if you want to try it out they also have the first 6 episodes dub and sub.


13 Responses to “August Haul”

  1. lovelyduckie Says:

    I can never have too much Luffy…I’m already up to 4 Luffy figures owned/ordered and I have no problems ordering that awesome one as my 5th. Chopper I’ll skip, I’m satisfied with the Chopper I have.

    • gordanham Says:

      This is my only Luffy 😦
      I do have some of those One Piece styling figures, but they seem to be fake so I stored then . I do hope on picking up the Grandline Men version of him, but unfortunately I missed the June re-release of Megahouse Luffy.

  2. Otaku Dan Says:

    you just reminded me that I have to get that Haruhi figure, for some reason I always forget about her.

  3. oneandonlyjem Says:

    Congrats on the haul. The Max Factory Reika figma is a really nice figma.

    I’ve gone and added your blog^^

  4. Jem Says:


    It doesn’t come up when I am logged in for some reason. Go figure.

  5. The Human Spider Says:

    Wow, that’s an impressive bunch of ONE PIECE figures. I’ve been wanting to get that Haruhi figure for a while–I’ve got the other swimsuit Haruhi with the watergun. I’m usually a hardcore “opener” but with a rare figure like Reika I’d be kinda on the fence too. Compared to other figure/toy collectors, it seems to me that most anime figure collectors tend to be “openers.”

    • gordanham Says:

      I’ve actually almost completely stopped opening all of my new figures. Not because I don’t want to, I mean I REALLY want to, but I have ran out of shelf space so it just becomes a hassle opening new figures.

  6. lovelyduckie Says:

    I already replied on my own blog but I want to make sure you get my message so…

    @ Gordan – Was going to post her (Alter Rider) on my blog (among many other figures) for sale tonight. Just going to put the whole batch up on my blog to avoid eBay fees. Since you’ve expressed interest in her I’ll hold her for you if you want her. If you live in the US and are willing to pay $60 for her (Free UPS Ground Shipping) then she is yours. Let me know. If I get other people asking to have her at that price and I haven’t heard back from you I’ll sell to the other person.

  7. lovelyduckie Says:

    Please contact me soon about payment for Rider. If I don’t hear back in a few days I’ll sell to someone else.

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