What’s happening with me, and questions for you


So on Monday a big long issue started. Our cable and internet provider suddenly dropped us for no apparent reason. When we finally got ahold of them they explained that they were switching companies and that we would have to upgrade to get our connection back. They never notified us of this before the drop.( If you read Dukie’s article here ,she had a similar experience) This became a huge long mess that lasted for five days until We finally got our internet back up Friday night. I would love to spend longer bashing the company, but I rather not be one of those flaming blogger’s who only writes hate articles.

In other news, yesterday I went and saw Ponyo. I am definitely a Ghibli fanboy, but that doesn’t change my opinion that sometimes Ghibli’s films can be really kiddy. Ponyo was really fun to watch though, and sometimes their was so much happening on the screen that my eyes would hurt trying to take it all in. I’m really happy that Disney finally did such a wide release for a Ghibli film. I remember when I had seen spirited away in a small theater with only four people including myself. Unlike then, there were way more the four people in the theater. I would say that it was over 50% filled. Oh yeah! I was unlucky enough to get the infamous crying baby to sit next to me and guess what he did! He gave me this long evil stare and then bam! He grabbed my straw! If their wasn’t just ice left I would have pulled out a can of baby butt kicking. Just kidding. I was just happy he didn’t barf on me.^^

Also school has been really taking up all my time lately and the only time I ever get to write anything for my blog is on the weekends. I think that I’m going to try and write multiple articles during the weekend and then just add them to my blog throughout the week. Every night I have on average 3- 4 homework assignments, but tomorrow I’ll be having two quizzes so the homework load will hopefully be lighter. I’m really thankful for this because tomorrow is the first anime club meeting of the year! Since the people who ran it last year graduated I had to start it this year and I hope we can get a lot more done. The first day will just be introductions and elections, but I’m hoping that next week we can start up our fund raiser so that everyone will be able to go to a con this year.

As for questions for you… I’ve been wondering lately if you want me to post my dvd and manga haul’s too.I did it once, but it didn’t really seem to interest anybody. Also what other things besides figures( if any^^) do you like to read about on blogs? And lastly, would you be intersted in a blogroll/ Banner exchange?


5 Responses to “What’s happening with me, and questions for you”

  1. lovelyduckie Says:

    ROFL losing your internet/TV is way more intense. I would be absolutely livid on that phone call.

    I like seeing people post DVD/manga haul posts. Unless those individuals write reviews on what they see and watch it allows me to get a feel for what everyone likes.

  2. Gordanham Says:

    I only lost it for 5 days though, If I was banned from the internet I don’t know what I would have done:)

  3. The Human Spider Says:

    DVD/manga haul posts/reviews would be nice too, though I like your reviews/photo-shoots of individual figures the best. Good luck on your anime club fundraising…you’re not planning on doing something like a maid cafe or host/hostess club for your fundraiser are you?!?

    • gordanham Says:

      No, mostly selling food products. Also thanks for your imput.^^ I’m hoping to get a few show’s reviews up. And hopefully I get a nice big dvd haul by next month.

  4. oneandonlyjem Says:

    If my internet got dropped, I would be pissed in a way that would scare a lot of people.

    You should go and post whatever hauls you want and if the manga/dvd hauls make ya happy then 🙂

    I like reading figures, video games, anime and intellectual things. I’ll pretty much read any blog if it suits my tastes. If you’re asking for a link exchange, sure, why not.

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