So I was just sitting at my desk and as I was looking around at my figures and a question that I quite often ask myself popped in my head again. “Are all of these figures really scaled?”

Have any of you every thought this? I do quite frequently, so I finally decided that I should just do a post on it and see what others think. Above is a picture of my 1/8 Ohno by GSC and 1/8 Ryoko by Max factory. As you can see they are both almost the same height. I actually measured them and they both come out to be about 19cm. For anyone who is familiar with these two characters they could definitely tell you that these two characters are not the same size. One is a grown women in college and the other is a teenager in high school. Even if you compare the sizes of the figures’ heads you can see the differnce in proportions.

CIMG2875Also on Ryoko’s base it includes the height of the figure, 200mm(20cm). The figure really does only stand 19cm(190mm), but I suppose if you go with the actual length of the figure’s angeled body and not how high it stands it would make sense.

CIMG2877There are figures such as the awesome P.O.P series that all stay consistant and true to the characters’ designs. I love my P.O.P.’s^^ And just as reference, below is a picture of the 1/6 Saber holiday ver. next to the 1/8 P.O.P. Brook. And for those how haven’t seen the new P.O.P. Kuma, you should check it out. He is the largest 1/8 figure I have ever seen. I won’t be purchasing him though cause the P.O.P. series has really let me down lately.

CIMG2878So seriously, have any of you ever thought this about you figures?


7 Responses to “1/8????”

  1. Snark Says:

    I have, but given that most my figures are mecha, which are of a ridiculous scale anyway, I try not to think too hard about it -_-

  2. lovelyduckie Says:

    Ya some scales have seemed suspicious but I don’t dwell on exact representation so much.

    “cause the P.O.P. series has really let me down lately”

    Really? How so? I’m still extremely pleased by them all.

  3. gordanham Says:

    It’s just that they keep on creating characters that I really don’t care about. The three newest figures( Aokiji, Hawkeye, and Kuma) are all characters that hold no special value to me. All they are villains that appear for a few eps and then are continuosly shown throughout the series not playing in large part in the actual story until hundreds of chapters later. Luci did play a large part in the Enis Lobby arc though.
    I rather see figures of some more key characters or allies or even long term villains that you really get to know and despise( or like?) I would probably buy a Enel or Conis figure. It’s a real shame that the P.O.P series started of in the Skypiea arc yet there is no figures specific to Skypiea only characters. I would also love t get my hands on the Bellemere, Tashigi, and Chaser figures that are now relics of the old P.O.P series before ex neo. The thing that I really wish megahouse would do is release new versions of the strawhat crew. I mean wouldn’t you really want a Zoro figure in his originak green sash outfit? I would. Even if they did newer versions such as their Enis Lobby out fits I would buy them up. There will always be room in my wallet for the strawhats, but not for the needless amounts of side characters that never touched my heart.

    P.S. The #1 P.O.P. I would want them to make is PANDAMAN!!!!! GO GO PANDAMAN!!!

    • lovelyduckie Says:

      I bet those kinds of figures will come eventually, although I bet the next round will include the former first mate of Roger’s old crew. They re-did Usopp so I bet at some point they’ll re-do the rest too. I’m pretty happy with Zoro in his Skypia outfit, I think he looks real good in that particular outfit so I was pretty pleased.

      • gordanham Says:

        Zoro is actually my least favorite P.O.P. His sculpt is to simplistic to me, and his face only looks like Zoro from his side in my opinion.

  4. The Human Spider Says:

    I think some variation in scale is due to character design with some shows(e.g. GENSHIKEN) having relatively realistic designs and others(e.g. LUCKY STAR) having more stylized, cartoonish designs. But most scaling is probably just guesswork. I have some 1/7 figures that look more like 1/8 while other 1/7 figures could pass for 1/6.

    • gordanham Says:

      I know what you mean. I see figures that are labeled 1/6 and they end up being 1/8. This is one thing that put Koto’s Bishoujo Rogue way father down on my get list.

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