Mid July Loot, and ramblings…

So I got another package. Can you guess what’s inside?
CIMG2559 CIMG2562
It’s just the last of my HobbyFan order which includes:
Megahouse 1/8 Zero
AlphaxOmega 1/8 Villetta SwimClub-Cafe Ver.
Max Factory 1/8 Mikuru Gekisou Ver.

Duh-dudduh-duh! My Gekisou Haruhi collection is now complete! I still haven’t opened any of them though. My shelf has finally hit it’s maximum capacity, but I’m cleaning my room for the otacool contest so hopefully there will be more space.

I just cleaned and crammed my Anime/Manga shelves yesterday and I realized how behind I am on manga. I have a ton of “Vol. 1″s that I’ve never took the time to read. And series that I love like One Piece and Gantz haven’t even gotten past 3 volumes! I really hope that Right stuff has a Viz sale soon so I can stock up on Claymore and One Piece. I need to get up to the most current volume of one piece before the big speed up happens. 30 volumes in 6 months!!!!! Also I know Duckie hates this, but I started collecting Claymore out of order. I started at Vol. 6 and went up from their.

Enough of useless blabbing. After this shipment I only have one more left. After that I probably won’t be getting another one for a long long time. I think I’m going to dedicate my little money to dvd’s and books for the time being. I just ordered the rest of Code Geass, Gurren Lagann, and My Hime from RightStuf’s Bandai sail. I also pre-ordered the Lucky Star OVA….. I talk way to much. Anyways I’ll leave off with this. At AX all the vendors were selling Zero for 130 dollars!!!


8 Responses to “Mid July Loot, and ramblings…”

  1. The Human Spider Says:

    Congrats on completing your Gekisou collection. I’d really like to get CODE GEASS and MY OTOME on DVD, but lately I’ve been spending most of my money on figures. I’m looking forward to the LUCKY STAR OVA DVD, but I’m a bit dissapointed that, the last I heard there won’t be a dub(I usually wouldn’t care, but LUCKY STAR’s dub is one of the few that actually made me like a show more.)

    • gordanham Says:

      I know what you mean. Figures are so money grubbing that I have nothing to be my anime. I’m going to start cutting back on my figure spending. I was shocked about the Lucky Star OVA too. I don’t mind if a new series is left subbed, but if a series that already has a dub cast is dropped down to sub only it is a real disappointment. They are doung the same thing with .hack//trilogy.

  2. optic Says:

    I’m still having thoughts about completing the Gekisou set. I already have Haruhi and I resisted Mikuru at the last convention but I’m not sure I can do that twice at the next upcoming one in august. The thing is, when I have one more to get to complete a set, it’s a natural instinct in me to get it. LOL
    It’s kind of a bad one actually.

    It’s great u got Zero. In a few years time, I find he will still be one of the most wanted figures of all time.

    • gordanham Says:

      If you really want to get just one more of the Gekisou figures I recommend you complete the set. I doubt you’ll have any regrets^^

      I agree with you about the Zero thing and because of that I’m afraid to open him, but it is sad when a figure never gets to see the light of day:(

  3. oneandonlyjem Says:

    Congrats on the haul. You got some really great figures in ^^

  4. lovelyduckie Says:

    “I know Duckie hates this, but I started collecting Claymore out of order. I started at Vol. 6 and went up from their.”

    I’m disowning you!!

    But because you have good tastes in figures I’ll at least keep you on my blogroll 🙂 I’m really happy with my Zero and my Gekisou set. they were some of the first figures I put on my new shelves.

    • gordanham Says:

      Uhh(Knife goes through chest)
      I’m sorry! I promise I’ll get all of them once RightStuf does a Viz sale. Once I do will I no longer have to live in fear of you?

      I still haven’t opened my Gekisou figures due to lack of space and since I seen the high rise for the price of Lelouch I’m to scared to open him. I do plan on opening Villetta to display with my other Geass girls. All that’s left is AlphaxOmega C.C.

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