So on Saturday I went to the Harkins Valley Art theater and saw EVANGELION 1.0 you (are) not alone. It was so cool! I already got to saw it once at AX, but there’s nothing like sitting in a cushioned seat that hundreds of people before you have sat in and eating stale popcorn out of a paper bag. Just kidding, it was great. I won’t say anything about the movie for those who haven’t seen it yet, but you should definitely check it out. I went to the second to last showing of the day an the theater was quite decently filled. The best part was after the movie was over all the conversation and speculation started. Everyone started talking about the changes to the story and characters. Some people started to leave and I wanted to tell them “No! wait for the preview! There’s a preview after the credits!” The people that did stay watched the preview and with that even more speculation and conversation was made.

When leaving I was surprised to see that there was a line forming in the theater. The ticket guy had told us that the later it got the more people showed up, but I never expected it to be so crowded. It was only a one theater building though so it was small to begin with. Hopefully Funimation will bring more films.


2 Responses to “EVA 1.O”

  1. lovelyduckie Says:

    I’m excited to go find a theater for Ponyo. I’ve never seen an anime in a theater before.

    • gordanham Says:

      Nothing beats the theaters. I also say the Bleach movie in theaters too and it was great. I’m hoping to see Ponyo to and the month after that I’m for sure going to see the Eureka Seven movie. I can’t beleive they changed the name!

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