AX LOOT and more

CIMG2405So this was the first time I have ever been to Anime Expo and I was pretty excited. The best thing was definately the Vendor’s Hall. It was huge and it takes forever just to check out half the booths. This was all I could get my hands on:
Bandai: Nirvash Type theEnd
Good Smile Company: 1/8 Kanako Ohno
Good Smile Company: 1/6 Saber Holiday Ver,
Max Factory: 1/8 Ryoko Asakura
MegaHouse: 1/8 P.O.P. Zoro
Megahouse: 1/8 Wandering Warrior Leina
Solid Theater: 1/8 Saber Alter
and the One Piece Movie Log Box

I was really happy with my purchases, but there was a few things I missed . Like I found an Alter Swimsuit Ver. Rider for $60!!! But I turned it down because I had a funny feeling about it. It probably wasn’t bootleg, but I just had a gut feeling I shouldn’t buy it. I also missed out on my chance to get Griffon Eureka, Dark Saber, and Bunny Emiri(T^T)

CIMG2347When you first enter the hall you get to see the crunchyroll booth. Here they screened episodes from their website and they also were selling manga and figures. They also had demos for the this one MMORPG and this Wii game called “Little King’s Story”.

CIMG2349And to the left of them was the Funimation Booth. They had a class room set up were characters from Eva would hang out all day. They also had some dvd’s that they were selling before their release dates as a special. One of which was Kaze No Stigma witch I hope I pick up later.

CIMG2351And left to FUNi was the Imagi booth but I skiped them because I have no interest in Astro Boy or Gatchaman. But left to them was the Tomy booth where they had Naruto Clash of Ninja Revolution 3 up for playing. It seemed pretty busy. There was also a booth were you could play the English version of Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom and I regret not taking a picture.


The last booth that I took pictures of was the AAAanime booth. I go to their site alot to see what retailers can order and since they are a DISTRIBUTOR they were there to simply advertise products and themselves to other businesses and not to sale anything.

CIMG2356They also had a glass cabinet where they displayed most of the figures and some other products. This is where I got really confused. I absolutely love One Piece and I would own all of their figures if I could. One of the things that stopping me is that most retailers have to import them directly from Japan. This causes them to be scarce with American retailers, yet AAAanime was showcasing a ton of them and even the first two mild series. The reason this is confusing to me is that I have never once seen a P.O.P. figure on their site until the announcement of the Sanji and Usopp/ Sogeking re-releases. Also they had a Makina and Drossel figma which they never put on their site either.

CIMG2357CIMG2358CIMG2359The con was really fun, but it really wasn’t as……. as I thought it would be. I don’t think It will be as high up on my list as Comicon any more.


6 Responses to “AX LOOT and more”

  1. lovelyduckie Says:

    Yay for Zoro and Ryoko! Those are my favorites from your loot.

  2. rotaku Says:

    Wandering Warrior Leina? lucky…

  3. The Human Spider Says:

    I’m happy to see you were able to get the MxF Ryoko–I really wish there were more Ryoko figures available. I’ve never seen that version of Saber Alter before–very appropriately scary looking. With Saber Alter I prefer her Gothic Lolita dress, which is my favorite outfit for Saber. Too bad the Alter Swimsuit Rider seemed iffy, and the Bunny Emiri would have been a nice catch too(one of my favorite things about HARUHI is the show’s insane popularity means a lot of the minor characters get merchandised too.)

    • gordanham Says:

      Yeah. A character that’s only in one episode can inspire multiple figures. It really is a beautiful world.^^

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