3 Days to AX!!!!!!

This is the first year I’ll be going to Anime Expo and I am so excited>.< I’ve always wanted to go to the big cons out in California Like AX and Comicon. So this year I convinced my folks that we should all talk a trip there during AX. They agreed, but they’re one condition is that I can only go two “FULL” days.  I was like full day? So when I told them it was only $15 more for an extra two days they told me to get the 4-day pass. In the end I bet I’ll go all for days but only the beginning of the last two.  Below is a list of all the Panels I’m hoping to go to.

So on the first day I’m hoping to spend an hour in the dealers room and then start to going to panels.

Day One:
Otaku Parliamentary Debate
RightStuf and Nozomi Entertainment Industry Panel
Anime News Network
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann movie Gurren Ver. [SUB]
Gainax Focus Panel
Making of Gurren Lagann movie Panel

Day Two:
Bandai Entertainment Industry Panel
CMX Manga Panel
Aniplex Industry Panel
Anime Trivia Show
Viz Media Anime and Manga Panel
Resin Figure Building
Evangelion 1.01 Screening and Panel
Funimation Sneak Peek Panel

Day Three:
Funimation Industry Panel

Day Four:
Crunchy Roll Panel

Is anyone else going?


4 Responses to “3 Days to AX!!!!!!”

  1. lovelyduckie Says:

    Never been to a con either, I hate lines so I’m worried I’ll feel like a trapped rat if I go.

    • gordanham Says:

      Actually, I’ve been to a lot of cons. This was just the first time I had been to anime expo.

  2. Snark Says:

    Goddamn I wish I could go…stupid Sydney has so fucking few cons >_<

    • gordanham Says:

      Did you go to supernova?
      This is going to be totally racist, but do you know what communitychannel is? ^^;

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