Clare by MegaHouse review

CIMG6480It seems like all of my favorite figures are from MegaHouse. What makes their figures so great to me is that every character they make is one that when you read or watch the series the character earns a special place in your heart. Clare is definitely one of those characters for me.
CIMG6482I really like that the only color in this entire figure is on Clare’s head. It really brings the attention to her expression. All of her armor is also beautiful, and it’s nice that since it’s metallic it creates it’s own shadows and highlights based on the lighting.


CIMG6489The figure stays true to the character and you can even see her claymore symbol under her neck. Even the hair line where the front and back pieces meets blends in pretty well.CIMG6490As you can see she has her flowing cape and also has her two sword holsters. For some reason only the right holster is able to hold her sword. I would think that it would be just as easy to make them both functional intsead of just one.


CIMG6498Her entire cape is actually removable. With her cape I see Clare as a warrior, but without it I think it brings out her womanly features.CIMG6501Here’s Clare holding her sword out. I actually like this version of her better, but she takes up a lot more room this way so I display her with her sword in her holster. Clare also comes with an alternate human arm that can be switched out with her left arm, but I like this one better.

CIMG6509I hope you enjoyed my short review. Whenever I get a new figure I think of so many¬† to say about it, but buy the time I actually have the time to write it I just completeky blank. I’m really sorry if my reviews seem like random thoughts, mostly because they are^^;


4 Responses to “Clare by MegaHouse review”

  1. lovelyduckie Says:

    One of my favorite figures ever. But I really like Claymore so I’m biased in a big way, recently bought a Claymore wall scroll in fact.

    • gordanham Says:

      Was it the Clare one or Teresa one? I’m hoping to try and pick up the Teresa one at AX. Have you seen the Teresa bag? It’s so tempting, but I know I would never use it.

  2. Chibichibiusa Says:

    I prefer to display mine with the other arm, cuz…


    … it’s the arm that was given to her by Irene (one of my fav. characters)

  3. Snark Says:

    Hmm, guess I’m going to have to find someone who owns a Clare figure, kill him and steal his Clare.

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