Shirley Fenette SwimClub-Cafe Ver. Review

CIMG6456I thought it would be appropriate to shoot Shirley in front of a pool since she’s in her swimsuit and all. Lately I always seem to try and take pictures of my figures outside. Natural light really is the best, but sometimes it’s hard to find an appropriate setting outside….. especially since I’m to nervous to shoot anywhere beyond the backyard.

CIMG6454The pose of the figure is quite great and makes sure to show off all of Shirley’s “assets”. She’s from AlphaxOmega the collaboration company between Alter and MegaHouse. As of such both the sculpt and paintjob is top notch. The only thing is that mine has a red scuff mark on her right hand. I have no idea where it’s from but lucky the tray hides it really well. It’s pretty easy to get the tray settled on her hand, but getting the drink on is a challenge. Since she was going to be so close to the pool I took no chances and stuck a tiny bit of clay on the bottom of the drink. It made things so much easier, but I had to wipe of the bottom afterwards.

CIMG6458If you fan of Code Geass and you need a Shirley figure I highly recommend you get her. Mostly because she is the only Shirley out there right now and there’s no sign of another one in the near future. Also I have a question to ask. Has any one gone swimming since summer started? I’ve been swimming about 3 days a week since summer started. Our pool’s been acting up lately though and we constantly have to vacuum and backwash it.


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