P.O.P Nefertari Vivi Review


So I was really trying to stay away from buying anyone outside the Strawhat crew, but since Vivi was such a great character in series and was on clearance for 30 bucks I couldn’t resist. Vivi is sculpted in her beautiful set of  Alabasta clothes and I was pretty surprised that most of it was made with a transparent plastic. Actually it is more opaque then transparent.(I just learned that word a couple a weeks ago^^;)

CIMG6358When I first saw her unboxed  I really felt that a photo shoot with her “walking through the sand” would look so great. Unfortunately, even though I live in the desert, the closet thing to a sand dune is the sand surrounding the playground at the park. I decided to make due and take pictures of her infront of the desert Palo Verde tree. I was really lucky and caught the tree right after it blossomed. Unfortunately I only got one good shot( the first one on the page) and all the other ones turned out like the one above.

CIMG6340Again I made due and moved the shoot inside. One thing that seems to be common with figures, as with this one, is that they usually look a certain direction and not head on. I like that she has this looking away look, to me it gives the figure a little more character.

CIMG6320Her hair is one of those double edged swords in my opinion. It comes with it’s pros and cons. Its pro is that the whole wind-blown affect is really brought out in pictures and creates a fantastic life to the figure. Its con is that when you are actually displaying it, it doesn’t look natural at all. The only with I can thing is, “There’s not even a breeze in here.” Then get all caught up on, “Why isn’t their a breeze?” and I end up turning up the AC.


CIMG6331On her left arm Vivi is wearing the wrapped cross mark that all the Strawhats had worn as identification, and in a classic turn of shonen events became a mark of friendship. It’s another addition that makes the figure capture the character so well.


One of the things that make me love MegaHouse so much is their shading. They ad a light shadow to all the places on the characters skin that they would naturally occur.


CIMG6344The one think that really bugged me about this figure is the highlights in the hair. It seems as if they were supposed to make a pale blue, but instead it creates a wierd shade of tan that just doesn’t look natural.

CIMG6351The figure is definitely a great addition to any One Piece fan’s collection and if you can find it for a price as low as 30 bucks I recommend you buy it. I got mine from toyslogic but unfortunately she’s sold out now. So how many of you have or will be adding Vivi to your collection?


3 Responses to “P.O.P Nefertari Vivi Review”

  1. lovelyduckie Says:

    Vivi is a very lovely figure that I do like. I’m just forcing myself to stay to only collecting the crew from MH because I would end up emptying out my wallet to get them all. Especially Bellemere and Smoker-san.

  2. Shosuke18 Says:

    I really love Vivi, she is my favorite female from one piece and this figure is just perfect.As soon as I can find it I’m going to buy it no matter what

    • gordanham Says:

      I hope you can find her. She probably won’t be that hard to find, and she is usually at a reasonable price^^

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