Nico Robin re-release by Megahouse Review


I absolutely adore One Piece, and as I fan my goal is to collect all of Megahouse’s figures of the Straw Hat crew. Megahouse always shows great quality in all of their figures I’ve seen and that stands true with Robin. When I opened the box I was absolutely in love with this figure. I don’t know why. I really love Robin as a character and maybe that’s why the figure is so great to me.


This is actually the first time I have ever taken pictures of one of my figures outside and I have to say, it was pretty fun. Since Robin has the power of the hana hana no mi (flower flower fruit) I thought the backround shown above would be appropriate. This figure is really just amazing to me. One of the things that I real respect Megahouse for is there skin coloring. They add some pink here and a tan here that really shows of the different skin tones.


As for the accessories, there is only one. Robin’s cowboy hat. You really can’t have a Robin figure without a cowboy hat. Here Robin is in her outfit she wears during the Sky Island Arc. I really like the contrast between the purple and yellow in her clothes and the the white hat finishes it off nicely.

Another thing that Megahouse always excels at is poses. Robin has one hand Placed on her waist and the other gently beneath her right cheek. Her left hand is just perfectly sculpted in my opinion and actually only the back of her plam is resting on her waist.

CIMG6293I forgot mention it but the sculpt of her hair is great. It has a slight winblown look and the angular locks of hair stays true to the character. Also one of the coolest things about this figure is that it can stand by itself. Mainly due to the size of her shoes and the distribution of weight in the figure. I do have to say that the shoes are simple and a little cartoony.


I hope you enjoyed my short little review and below are some more pictures that I took inside.

CIMG6223 CIMG6222 CIMG6238 CIMG6239 CIMG6251 CIMG6252 CIMG6260 CIMG6261 CIMG6282 CIMG6288 CIMG6292 CIMG6295 CIMG6298 CIMG6300 CIMG6307 CIMG6310


One Response to “Nico Robin re-release by Megahouse Review”

  1. lovelyduckie Says:

    I’d have liked the figure better if she was in her Thriller Bark outfit, but the Sky Island outfit isn’t so bad

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