4-30-09 haul

cimg61581 So I finally got my order from toyslogic. After over two months of constantly changing my cart I placed my order. I spent almost $300 on this order, but I am very satisfied with it. Even if toyslogic has pricey shipping, the amount I got each figure for definitely makes up for it. I laughed when I saw the box they gave me was for a shipment of Canal figures. They also gave me a poster of the upcoming Gothic Lolita Eva Sega Prize figures. cimg6172 The list of figures is as fallows:

Ryoko Asakura + Enhancing Parts Nendoroid
Myuki Takara Nendoroid Tsukasa Hiiragi Nendoroid
Kallen Kouzuki Bunny Girl Ver. (AlphaxOmega)
P.O.P. Nico Robin (MegaHouse)
P.O.P. Tony Tony Chopper (MegaHouse)
P.O.P. Nefeltari Vivi (MegaHouse)
In the end I love every single one of these figures. The one I love tho most is definitely Robin. The minute I saw her in that box I was just amazed. I don’t no why. Vivi only cost me 30 bucks and I am satisfied with her. I still haven’t opened Tsukasa, Miyuki, or Kallen yet, but I will soon. Also, there were two figures that went right out of stock before I placed my order. Those two were the MegaHouse Claire figure and The AlphaxOmega Shirley figure. I have them on order from one of my favorite retailers now, but it cost me an extra 10 dollars. Make sure to check back soon for photoshoots.

P.S. The Cat in the picure is my cat Teddy. For more infore check here: https://gordanham.wordpress.com/2009/05/07/my-cats/


6 Responses to “4-30-09 haul”

  1. The Human Spider Says:

    Very impressive batch of figures, especially all those Nendoroids–you can never have enough Nendoroids. Do you prefer making a few big orders rather than ordering one or two at a time? I’m the latter since I tend to be more impulsive and impatient rather than the type who plans out big orders. Is the Claire figure from CLAYMORE? I’ve been meaning to check out that show, but lately I’ve been buying boxed sets over single DVDs.

    • gordanham Says:

      I always try and save up and buy a huge amount at once. But in the last few months that has backfired. As mentioned because I wait till I have a big order other Items go out of stock, case in point: Shirley and Claire. Same thing happened with one of my dvd orders to. I really do recomend checking out Claymore I got the first dvd after seeing LovelyDuckie’s review of the MegaHouse:
      Know I’m reading the manga and once Funimation releases a boxset or rightstuf has dicount on the single dvds I’ll finish the anime. Teresa for ever>.<

  2. lovelyduckie Says:

    Nice haul! I have Robin and Chopper myself. That’s funny TL shipping is the cheapest method for me when I combine a lot of orders into one shipment. Although if I’m buying just a few items HLJ and their SAL shipping wins.

  3. lovelyduckie Says:

    edit: I take that back, the places that have free shipping on orders over $99 are the cheapest, but sadly they won’t let me combine pre-orders. It has to be all in stock items or a single item that I preorder that qualifies on its own.

    • gordanham Says:

      Shipping always kills me on orders. The only free shipping over $99 place I’ve found so far is otakufuel. I never preorder anything in time though(;^.^)

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