My Cats


I am definitely a cat person and after seeing Lovelydukie’s post here:

I thought I would make one of my own.

I have two indoor cats. First is my black cat Teddy, who I have had since 2001. He’s the one that after one try he ignores the little red lazer that dashes across the floor. His one weekness though, is string. If he sees it he is always ready to play. He is stubbron, but he always wants attention at the same time. He always sniffs anything anything I bring home and if I leave my bag out he’ll sleep on it. I’m just happy he doesn’t try sneak outside.Whenever I put him outside he runs back inside as soon as his paws touch the ground.


Next up is my baby orange tabby Peaches. Even though we got him in 2004 he will always be a baby cat in my eyes. He was a stray that was found in my area and after taking him to the vet we found out he was about three weeks old. Since we didn’t know his exact birth date, he shares mine since it was three weeks before he was found. He is the scardy cat out of the two and runs away at any loud noises. He sleeps under the bed all day but when he comes out he always wants to play. And yes, he still falls for the lazer gag.


Also there is own cat that we take care of in my backyard. He appeared last summer and would always snope around the backyard, so we started to put out food for him . Beause of his long hair we desided to give him the name Foxy. One day he showed up limping with a swollen leg. After a trip to the vet we found out that a snake had bit him. Fortunately, the snake wasn’t venomous. After a while at the vet he was back off to exploring our backyard and he warmed up and let us pet him.


One Response to “My Cats”

  1. lovelyduckie Says:

    I just found a stray on my deck that it seems we’ve adopted. He is a super cuddly tuxedo cat we named Jinks and is maybe a year and a half old. My two current kitties are angry as hell about it though. Well Ami seems a bit annoyed with him and Rini is absolutely livid.

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