Gift Saber Lily Preview

So I did manage to find the site of Saber Lily’s sculptor and their preview. Please Check It out and the rest of the pictures.Sculptor’s site?
This Figure is just gorgeous too me. Again there is alot of complaints about the head, but I actually like it. There hasn’t been any word on a second head but I wouldn’t doubt their being one.Here’s more pictures.

pict2987My only knock about the head is that to me her eyes are to green. Don’t get me wrong, green is my favorite color an one of the reason’s I love Saber so much is because of her green eye’s, but they just seem to bright here.

pict2993The detail on the armor and chains are just to good to be true.

Her left.

Her left.

Her right.

Her right.


Her back.

Her back.


pict3037As you can see that this time Saber shows off her alternate sword. Last time she had her Excalibur, I don’t know what this sword is called though. I do think it is Caliburn, Arthur’s orginal blade from mythology. If anyone knows could they please confirm it.





This is the thing I don’t get about this figure. Since the post is in Japanese I don’t know if the figure you see above is the same armored Saber with a “cast-off” ability. Or just another version they are releasing. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’s cast-off. Again, if anyone knows please confirm it.

So are you looking forward to this figure? I am. Also how many of you guys picked up Gift’s last Saber?


2 Responses to “Gift Saber Lily Preview”

  1. The Human Spider Says:

    The Saber Lily I’m hoping to get is the Good Smile version–although the Gift sculpt looks a lot more detailed, I like the action pose and the more anime-style face on the GSC one. I have the regular Gift Saber; I love the level of detail on her clothes and armor in both sculpts.

  2. gordanham Says:

    Yeah alot of people prefer GSC”s alot, but I,m a sucker for detail. But if it was a little less costly I would so buy it. Have you seen the Saber Lily nendoroid? The head seemed a little funky to me. I really want to get the Saber Lily figma too, but again it is really expensive.

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