Comments= <3


I just wanted to say that all comments are appreciated! Please comment even if you do not have blog. All you have to do is give your name(or alias) and your email. It’s very easy and comment are greatly appreciated. Even if they are criticisms like “Your lighting sucks!” are ok. And if you have any tips for me they will be really helpful. Espestially if they involve lighting and how to take photo’s. Most importantly comments about you collection or figures is the best. It is nice to know what all you are up to and about you own collections.

Just remember… Comments = Lovecimg2068


4 Responses to “Comments= <3”

  1. optic Says:

    if you wanna attract more readers into commenting, I would suggest asking rhetorical questions on ur post.
    That way, some readers might wanna answer them so u get to know them a bit more. ^^

  2. gordanham Says:

    I’ll try doing that. I try to sneak some in here and there but I always end up drowning them out with the rest of the review.^^;

  3. The Human Spider Says:

    Hi, we met over at ANN. Very nice Ryoko pics on your site–AAA++++ Rank! Do you have or are you planning to get the Nendoroid Ryoko too? I’m thinking about it, but she’s a bit more expensive than other nendoroids because she also comes with extra parts for Yuki, Haruhi and Mikuru. I’d have to at least get a Yuki too since one of the extras is her witch outfit, but if it fits on Ryoko too that would be fine–it might be cuter on her anyways.

  4. gordanham Says:

    I’m planned on getting her a while back and she was sopposed to me my first nendoroid as well as my figma. But the rush of Saber figures put her lower on my list since the saber one propably wouldn’t stay in stock as long. But she is definitely on my get list. I think the witch set can be used on all nendoroids Haruhi ones and otherwise.

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