Saber Lion Nendoroid Review


So this is my first ever Nendoroid and I do have to say that it is so darn adorable. It may just Be the cutest darn thing I have ever seen. I mean just look at it. It’s not enough that it’s Saber in a lion costume but her mighty excalibur has been replaced with a meat stick. It is just the perfect assortment of cuteness. If you have never gotten a Nendoroid, but have been wanting to get one I recomend starting with this one. Surprisingly I got it pretty cheap in the terms of nendoroids. Nendoroids Usually cost between $35 to $45. They are usually placed at a more affordable price during pre-order time though. In this case I got her for only 29 dollars. Whitch is a pretty good price in my book. She comes with three faces, two sets of arms, two sets of legs, five hands, one meat stick/club(which ever you prefer), and a small bowl that has a cute lion face on it. Enough of my yappering. Here are some more pictures.

cimg19621This is one of Saber’s three faces. This face resembles all of the old Fate/: Stay Night and/or Hollow Ataraxia nendoroids. None of which I own and probable never will. At first I really didn’t like this face but it grew on me and the little triagle mouth it has made it all the cuter. WARNING: Do expect to see the words cute, cuteness, cuter, cutest, cuticle, and such throughout the review. I apologize in advance for any annouances. Also for those who didn’t know I used the word cuticle as a pun. Even though it is said like cute-i-cle it has nothing to do with cute things and is actually the nerces at the end s of you nails. I know if I have to explain a joke then it isn’t funny but that’s just who I am.

cimg1967The back view of Lion Saber.



cimg19681The Saber’s mane is removable. Making Lion Saber transform into Lioness Saber. Very cute in my opinion, but I prefer her with her mane because it makes you think of the king of the wild which in turn makes you feel her “Kingly Spirit”, those how have already seen the series know what I am talking about. The only Issue when her mane is of is that you can only take photos of her from certain directions due to the um….uhh…. pegs?… yeah, due to the pegs behind her ears that hold her mane( when she has it ) in place.


Next up is Saber second face. This face depicts Saber in her angry/determined/courageous/etc. face. I consider this to be the most true to Saber out of all three faces. Basically classic Saber.

cimg1974This is Saber’s third and final face. It is basically here puppy dog face. Seriously, isn’t that just the cutest thing you have ever seen in the world. It would be impossible to say no to that face . This face can be partnered with her alternate arms(one of which I forgot to push in all the way, sorry^^;) and hands that have her holding out the cutest bowl you will ever in one and in the other is her itsy pair of chopsticks. The only thing I think they could have done to make this combination even more cuter is if they stuck a little grain of rice on the side of her mouth. Do you think that would have been cuter?

cimg1975I dicided to give Saber a little something to munch on. Is it a clue towards my next review?

Saber: What…the…….

cimg1976Saber: I can’t eat this!!!!!

cimg1979I tried to get the best shot of her lion bowl as I could but it would I could never focas on it perfectly so as you can see the picture is a little blurry.

cimg1982There only only two things I don’t like about this figure. One bieng the stand, which in my opinion is way to bulky and it is almost impossible to pose your nendoroid on it. And two being her tail. It is stuck in the position you see forever. Of course I didn’t expect the tail to be flexible or bendable or anything, but I did expect it to at least be able to rotate. In the end though these are only very minor let downs and the figure does present itself well.






cimg1990Above are all the sides of the box. Front,back,sides,top, and bottoms.

cimg19811For those who don’t know, this figure is part of Good Smile Company’s Nendoroid line which is basically a bunch of anime characters in chibi cuteness . “Saber Lion” is actually #50 in this line. And being from GSC one of the coolest things about this figure is that on every ball joint there is GSC’s trademark smiley face. I tried to get a picture of it, but I could never get it to come out clear. There are only three points of articulation though. One being in the neck, and the other two being in the legs. But since each leg and each neck comes with there own joint there is a total of 7 ball-joints. Also the other pair of legs I mentioned are the exact same but the knees are bent. Making it look like she is taking a fighting stance. Unfortunately, I just couldn’t get her to stand up in this pose. I really do recommend this figure for any Saber fan or anyone who has been wanting to start a Nendoroid collection. Oh and lastly the figure is from the video game

Fate/ Tiger Colleseun Upper. Which is basically a psp game where you play as and against a bunch of characters from the Fate/ universe in chibi style.


8 Responses to “Saber Lion Nendoroid Review”

  1. ikeshi Says:

    You can rotate/move her tail- at least on mine. In fact, on mine, the tail comes right off, same with her tuff of hair on top of her head.

  2. lovelyduckie Says:

    I got mine for $25. I was thrilled to get such an adorable nendoroid for that price.

  3. gordanham Says:

    @ Ikeshi: I tried again and I still can’t move it. It may just be a little tight but I don’t want to break it on accedent. I can’t take of the tuff of hair on her head either.

    @Duckie: That’s such a great price! Great snag! Where did you get it from?

  4. alpha_beta_angel Says:

    “Saber Lion” was was first Nendoroid too, nice to see someone reviewing it. I am a huge TYPE-MOON fan and never wanted a nendoroid before, but the awww-my-bowl-is-empty crying face makes this Saber Lion one of my faves.

    It is totally the cutest Saber ever!

  5. gordanham Says:

    That’s awesome that you got your first nendoroid. You should do your own review of it.

  6. Selvinas Says:

    Saber looks really cute here, almost makes me buy one too!

  7. wena Says:

    bootleg isnt it?

    • gordanham Says:

      I’m pretty sure it isn’t it’s really good quality, plus it has the Capcom sticker (there the ones who made the game.)

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