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Brook Arrives!!!! 2-2-09

February 3, 2009


So today my P.O.P. Brook arrived and I thought I would take some preview pictures. The full.. I guess you could say…. “review” will be up on Friday. Make sure to come back and check it out!>.<

A picture prooving that this figure does have a removable

The only thing is that unlike in the manga( and anime ) the " storage compartment " isn't his skull but his afro. This does provide quite a good amount of storage space though.

The only thing is that unlike in the manga( and anime ) the "storage compartment" is not his skull, but his head instead. This does provide a hefty amount of space though.b>.<d


ChopperMan Collection.

February 1, 2009


I am a huge fan of One Piece. My favorite character has to be Tony Tony Chopper. Not on a personal level of understanding but on cuteness level. On a personal level of character content my favorite character has to be Nico Robin. (more…)

Saki Kasukabe, extra !StoryImageFigure!

February 1, 2009


Genshiken is one of my favorite series ever next to One Piece. This is Saki Kasukabe, you could consider a protagonist/antagonist character in the series . A character defending and trying to destroy the club for the study of modern visual culture( Genshiken ) all at the same time. Well she doesn’t try to bring down genshiken for the entire series. She is one of my favorite charaters in the series and I lover every thing she says and does. The part near the beginning of the series when Ohno is introduced and she sneaks into her home made me get really attached to the series.

Any ways, I’m off topic. This figure is from the extra !StoryImageFigure! line. Saki is cosplaying as a character from the series Kujibiki Unbalance( first term )in an original design of the Student Council President’s battle outfit. Most of what I’m saying probably won’t make any sense so just go buy the manga.^^; (more…)