New Manga and Anime

November 14, 2009

A while back RightStuf had their Viz sale and I picked up a few things that I really wanted to get.

I got:
20th Century Boys……Volume 1
Claymore………………..Volume 1-5 and 9-15
Detroit Metal City……..Volume 1
Ooku………………………Volume 1 Read the rest of this entry »


October Loot

October 25, 2009

Nice to talk again. It has been a really long time since my last post^^; So this month from ebay I got:
Good Smile Company Vocaloid2 1/8 Hatsune Miku
Good Smile Company Vocaloid2 1/8 Kagamine Rin
Good Smile Company Vocaloid2 1/8 Kagamine Len

I know I shouldn’t Read the rest of this entry »

Rider Arrives!!

October 4, 2009

So on Friday I was surprised to come home and find out that the Rider figure that I Read the rest of this entry »

Had to post

October 2, 2009


Just saw some great figure news and had to post^^; When I saw the news I was just so excited I had to post it I’ll definitely be picking the Strong Editions of Zoro and Nami(and the others, look below!) but I am kind of disappointed with Nell and Hiyori. Being AlphaxOmega figures I was expecting really great neutral paint jobs, but for both figures they seem pretty dull and plain to me. Also does anyone else also think they made hey Hiyori too…girlie looking? I’m not a big follower or even fan of Bleach, but I was really looking forward to Hiyori since I really liked her character.

1254437848672Also they revealed the full line up of the “Strong Edition”s of the Straw Hats. MegaHouse is definitely where all my money goes.^^ Looks like the entire crew will be out by next August and the pacing of there releases will make it bearable on my wallet:) Seem there will be too versions of both Chopper and Zoro. I wonder why Zoro’s blades are white?

1254437910296Lastly, the next set of chibi Straw Hats were revealed too. I will definitely be picking this up and hopefully we’ll see the last(?) set soon. I wonder how they will attempt to do Chopper since he is already pretty “chibi.” ^^;

Tomorrow is the last day of the first quarter of school so I’ll be more active for the next week^.^

September Haul (small)

September 26, 2009

Even though I have more money to spend than usual it seems that my buying has actually gone way down. Here is what I got from Otaku Fuel:
Good Smile Company Vocaloid2 Kagamine Rin
Good Smile Company Vocaloid2 Kagamine Len
MegaHouse Queen’s Blade Rebellion Annelotte

I got the same mystery gift as last time too, the Yuki Nagato character cd. Now I have to track down the GSC Miku to complete the set, and I still don’t know if I should try to get the figmas and nendoroids of Rin and Len though. When OF had all of them instock I was seriously debating it, but now it will cost me a pretty big chuck to get them. Also sorry for not posting in a while. I’ve been really busy with school and other stuff. I’m trying hard to get a new post up by tomorrow though^^
Haha^^ When I saw this it made me feel good to know that even people like Jem have competition for repaints^^

August Haul

August 30, 2009

CIMG2920So I just got my toyslogic shipment a few days back and I’m really happy with it. My haul is as fallows:
MegaHouse P.O.P Usopp/ Sogeking
MegaHouse P.O.P. Sanji
Megahouse P.O.P. Mild Monkey D. Luffy
Mgeahouse P.O.P. Mild Nami
Megahouse P.O.P. Mild Roronoa Zoro
Max Factory Figma Reika
Kotobukiya Haruhi Swimsuit Ver. Read the rest of this entry »

Non-Japanese manga

August 20, 2009

So a lot of the younger generation of otaku seem to always dream off making their own manga series. So my question to you is, do you read Non-Japanese manga? Though they are few I do find some that really interest me. The one above happens to be one of them. Though it can be slow at times and the art may not attract everyone, I really appritiate it’s individuality. Tokyopop actually made the first book into an imanga on their youtube account here: Bizenghast playlist .Tokyopop is one of the few companies that I see take these leaps into American manga. Other non-Japanese series that they helped get out in the market are Fool’s Gold, Dramacon, and Orange Crows.

Their is also a certain non-Japanese manga that seems to be just as popular as Japanese manga sometimes which is Manhwa. Manhwa is just basically Korean manga. I haven’t read any Manhwa myself, but I know that one will definitely grab my attention someday.

So have you ever read non-Japanese manga?

What’s happening with me, and questions for you

August 17, 2009


So on Monday a big long issue started. Our cable and internet provider suddenly dropped us for no apparent reason. When we finally got ahold of them they explained that they were switching companies and that we would have to upgrade to get our connection back. They never notified us of this before the drop.( If you read Dukie’s article here ,she had a similar experience) This became a huge long mess that lasted for five days until We finally got our internet back up Friday night. I would love to spend longer bashing the company, but I rather not be one of those flaming blogger’s who only writes hate articles.

In other news, yesterday I went and saw Ponyo. I am definitely a Ghibli fanboy, but that doesn’t change my opinion that sometimes Ghibli’s films can be really kiddy. Ponyo was really fun to watch though, and sometimes their was so much happening on the screen that my eyes would hurt trying to take it all in. I’m really happy that Disney finally did such a wide release for a Ghibli film. I remember when I had seen spirited away in a small theater with only four people including myself. Unlike then, there were way more the four people in the theater. I would say that it was over 50% filled. Oh yeah! I was unlucky enough to get the infamous crying baby to sit next to me and guess what he did! He gave me this long evil stare and then bam! He grabbed my straw! If their wasn’t just ice left I would have pulled out a can of baby butt kicking. Just kidding. I was just happy he didn’t barf on me.^^

Also school has been really taking up all my time lately and the only time I ever get to write anything for my blog is on the weekends. I think that I’m going to try and write multiple articles during the weekend and then just add them to my blog throughout the week. Every night I have on average 3- 4 homework assignments, but tomorrow I’ll be having two quizzes so the homework load will hopefully be lighter. I’m really thankful for this because tomorrow is the first anime club meeting of the year! Since the people who ran it last year graduated I had to start it this year and I hope we can get a lot more done. The first day will just be introductions and elections, but I’m hoping that next week we can start up our fund raiser so that everyone will be able to go to a con this year.

As for questions for you… I’ve been wondering lately if you want me to post my dvd and manga haul’s too.I did it once, but it didn’t really seem to interest anybody. Also what other things besides figures( if any^^) do you like to read about on blogs? And lastly, would you be intersted in a blogroll/ Banner exchange?


August 8, 2009


So I was just sitting at my desk and as I was looking around at my figures and a question that I quite often ask myself popped in my head again. “Are all of these figures really scaled?” Read the rest of this entry »

Wandering Warrior Miku

August 3, 2009

CIMG2882So I finally opened my Reina(Leina if you prefer) figure and I found something pretty interesting you could do with the cast off. Does anyone fancy this Warrior Miku? Also, kudos to anyone who can guess the backround. If you read my last post I bet it will be easy to figure out.